International Workers Day Holiday Notice

Factory will close from May 1 to May 3 for International Workers Day Holiday

Pneumatic Actuator Load Protection Measures Will Appear In The Following?

If the pneumatic actuator is damaged, a key problem is the load. The main loads are as follows: 1. The torque limit setting system value does not stop the torque is less than the set value, so that too much torque is continuously produced, and the motor stops rotating.

What Should I Do If The Pneumatic Actuator Suddenly Loses Power?

The pneumatic actuator uses AC220 single-phase alternating current as the power source, accepts DC4-20mA from DCS, PLC system and other operators, and standard signals to control the actuator to switch valves or automatically adjust. The electronic control module uses the most advanced hybrid integrated circuit, including complete protection functions, which can be controlled on site or remotely. It is designed as a box and sealed with resin.